When I was eleven years old I took my first steps in composing music. Since then I could never stop. Right after school I went to a music and media academy in Hamburg (Germany), where I was trained in audio engineering and music theory.

Since 2014 I am working periodical at Hamburg-based radio stations as a production director. I also helped out at a radio station in Austria for two months.

During my internship at a recording studio in the heart of Hamburg, I got my first jobs as a session musician and arranger. In 2016 I build my  own home studio. Here I do all my jobs and musical projects.


2018-May-14 ~ Wonder how I go about orchestrating a melody? I just uploaded a video about it on YouTube. Check it out HERE!

2018-April-24 ~ New cover song online! Piano, strings, rock band ... it has it all. Listen to it on YouTube:

2017-Nov-17 ~ At this day I entered the stage together with Aurelia L. Porter and Tim Rädisch, two artists from my hometown. Our programm "Hidden Worlds" combined photography, literature and music.


- Film scores

- Music for commercials

- Music for audio drama

- Music for readings

- Music for any kind of media production

Recording and mixing is an inherent part of being a modern composer. With a large selection of real and virtual instruments, as well as a proper recording setup and the acoustically optimized enviroment, there are no boundries to my music.


As an arranger I help musicians to get from a basic musical idea to a full and thought-out song. No matter if they want it to be a rock song or an orchestral piece ... or both at the same time.

While a composition is basically just a melody and some chords, the arrangement defines the overall sound through instrumentation, harmonies, structure and musical dynamic. The arranger knows what is best for the song and how to get there.


My main instrument is the piano. If you need a pianist or keyboard player for your recording session, feel free to contact me via the formular below.

I also perform live, but onyl my own songs and improvisations. So, no evergreens or top 40 charts.


- Commercials for radio

- Mixing Engineering

- Jingles

- Sounddesign

- Production directing (radio)



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