Dies sind nur ein paar Beispiele. Auf meiner SoundCloud findest du mehr.

These are just a few examples. For more music, please go to my SoundCloud.

The final exercise for the music academy was to compose a     3 minutes opus for a symphony orchestra. Here is my result!

Something non-orchestral to show another side.

A slightly different version of the traditional carol "O christmas tree". (The tree had no chance...)

My entry for a competition by famous film composer Hans Zimmer in 2013.

The music video for my cover of Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol).

I wrote the music to this book trailer of German author Aurelia L. Porter. It was the first piece for the Nicolae soundtrack.

My music used in a fan trailer for the BBC show "Sherlock".

Trailer for the reprint of a book by German author Aurelia L. Porter. The used tracks are off my official soundtrack to her romans.

Wenn du mehr Musik von mir hören möchtest, schau auf meiner SoundCloud vorbei.

If you want to listen to more of my music, please check out my SoundCloud.